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Wrist Action Shaker Machine

Laboratory Flask Shaker Machine ( Wrist Action Type )

We are extablished manufacturers and suppliers of Wrist action shaker machine ( flask shaker ) in india. Micratech make Wrist Action Flask shaker which we recommend has been built-in with geared D.C. MOTOR to work on 110* / 220 VOLT AC 50 cycles efficiently for a longer time smoothly. Our Laboratory Wrist Action Shaker has flasks mounted spindle to swing through little amplitude with strong eccentric method which provides fast mechanical shaking.

The Wrist Action Shaker Machine ( flask shaker ) is constructed to grasp 50 mL to 500 mL flasks / bottles / test tubes etc . The shaking speed action is controlled by an Electronic speed controller ranges from 80 to 350 rpm fastest oscillations.

  • Mimic the side-to-side stroke of hand mixing with flasks up to 500 mL

  • Platform models be able to hold flasks (up to 500 mL), flasks, bottles, test tubes etc.

  • Adjustment wing lets you opt the shaking amplitude and speed.

  • Timer can be set from 0 to 60 min (mechanical timer) or 999 hours (for Digital timer model - can also be set in seconds, minutes & hours with many other features)

  • All shakers comprise side arm clamps and a 4-ft cord with 3-pin standard plug.

Product code
Holding Capacity
Flask Capacity
4 Flasks
50 ml. to 500 ml
8 Flasks
50 ml. to 500 ml
12 Flasks
50 ml. to 500 ml
16 Flasks
50 ml. to 250 ml



Micra Technologies make Wrist Action Shaker ( laboratory flask shaking machine ) is shipped ready-for-use out of the carton. Attach the Side-Arm extension Clamps and plug the unit into a correctly grounded 3-prong , 110* / 220 V AC power source. tightly hold the owner-supplied vessels with the Clamps, move the Lever Arm to the suitable situation to begin mixing, slip the notched locking device into spot , place the timer and start operations.

*For countries other than India where voltage requirement 110V

Micra technologies is manufacturer and supplier of laboratory wrist action flask shaker which categorized in Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes, Industries, hospitals and various R and D laboratories in India. We have achieved the specialization in manufacturing of wrist action flask ( volumetric cylindrical conical or round ) shaking machine flask shaker, standard and customized, along with various scientific and laboratory equipments and instruments in order to fulfill the demands of our customer. Apart from this Micra Technologies has established itself as a reliable exporter servicing the whole world includes Africa, Gulf countries, East Asia.

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Wrist Action Shaker India
Wrist Action flask Shaker Machine

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