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Ice Flaker Machine (30 to 500 kg)

Commercial ice flaking machine is used for various lab and research & development purposes where ready made ice flakes are required for day to day work. The ice flaker is a compact model and occupies a small space in any laboratory.

It is advantageous over normal practice of procuring ice and crushing it manually or with crusher to make small ice pieces.
Flake size approx. : - Tiny irregular pieces of ice.

Whereas ice flaker requires 220V / 440 V, single/three phase power supply and de-mineralize / distilled or filtered plain tap water connection.

The ice flakes starts coming out from the crushing assembly and are collected in a collecting bin for ready use. Thus ice flakes are available continuously till the machine is ON. The machine gets automatically cut off when the collecting bin is full of ice flakes thereby saving the power consumption.

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  • Compact elegant model with corrosion free interior 18 SWG, 304 AISI, stainless steel collecting bin. The collecting bin is fully insulated with ‘PUF’ which prevents ice flakes from melting. User friendly door system. Outer body made of mild steel duly powder coated or 20 SWG, 304 AISI, stainless steel buffed to matt finish. Mounted on castors for easy mobility. Drain at the bottom.

  • A well balanced CFC-free air cooled refrigeration system with hermetic sealed compressor, condenser, fan motor assembly & R134a refrigerant to cool the crusher assembly for producing ice.

  • It is made of brass and stainless steel and is driven by a heavy duty Induction motor coupled to reduction gear. Crusher assembly is supplied with water from an in-built water-collecting tank, which is fitted with a float valve for regulating water supply.

  • Automatic controller for motor and water level. Machine gets automatically cut off when the collecting bin is full of ice flakes through the controller. Auto cut off in case of no water supply. Overload protector for motor and refrigeration system.


The output depends on many external factors such as:

  • Installation site :- dust –free well ventilated and at least 1' away from the side walls to enable dissipation of hot air from condenser.

  • Ambient temperature is crucial, which must be maintained between 25 degC to 30 degC. You may install the ice flaker in an Air Conditioned room to enhance the productivity.

  • Temperature of the water supplied is also crucial. Temperature of the water must also be maintained below 30 degC. You must not supply water to the ice flaker from the over head metal / plastic tank which is normally very hot.

  • Line voltage fluctuations : There should be constant voltage on each phase. The motor operates on Single or Three – phase. The refrigeration system operates on single phase. Refrigeration system safely functions between 180–240 Volts. A suitable Voltage Stabilizer is recommended in case of Voltage Fluctuation beyond the above mentioned limit

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We are manufacturer and supplier of Ice Flaker Machine which categorized in Research Laboratories, Educational Institutes, Industries, hospitals and various R and D laboratories in India. We have achieved the specialization in manufacturing of Ice Flaker , standard and customized, along with various scientific and laboratory equipments and instruments in order to fulfill the demands of our customer. Apart from this Micra Technologies has established itself as a reliable exporter servicing the whole world includes Africa, Gulf countries, East Asia.

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