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Heating Mantle

Heating mantles that are widely used to heat flasks containing a sample. These mantles are also used in place of Bunsen or hot plates, when the sample is organic liquids have a tendency to burst into flames or releases flammable organic vapors are heavier than air.
These vapors can explode while contacting open flames or heating coils. Our mantles have an enclosed heating system, which is designed to avoid these dangers. We offer these mantles in either fabric or rigid constructions. These mantles are flexible and can be molded to accommodate to wide variety of flask shapes and sizes.

The holding receptacles within rigid heating mantles are shaped either for a particular size flask, or simply have a large orifice that can be filled with sand to hold various size flasks. These sand baths serve to also provide a more uniform heating of the sample. Our heating mantles produce their heat by converting AC voltage.

  • Energy control knob

  • On­/Off switch

  • Pilot lamp etc

  • Research laboratories

  • Scientific laboratories

  • Hospitals

  • Medical institutes etc

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  Salient Features
  • Portable, easy to handle and operate
  • Have high degree of precision
  • Highly durable
  • Offers high efficiency
  • Available with hand knitted heating nets
  • Can endure temperature up to 400°C
  • Single circuit system
  • Available with containers up to 20 litres capacity
  • Heating Mantles is round in shape, inside made of fiberglass yarn.
  • Outer body is made of aluminum and finished with powder coated paint.
  • Heated with high quality nichrome coil with and insulated with high-density glass wool insulation.
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