mitec gapMITEC-1005

Colony Counter (digital)

  • Dark Field Illumination.

  • Bright Dividing Lines.

  • Oblique Non-Glare Bright Light (20 W)

  • Variable Focus.

  • Automatic Registration through ressetable electromagnetic counter.

  • Marking Pen for accurate counting.

  • With three Digit Display 0-999 and four Digit Display 0-9999


    Complete with special pen, which allows marking and counting simultaneously. Counting is retransfer at Digital Panel, re-settable solid setting counter, a magnifying glass is provided. A fluorescent light is provided for uniform light illumination.

    The front surface is inclined at an angle found comfortable for most technicians. The instrument is styled to confirm with the modern laboratory style and finished in silver ash.

    Resettable electromagnetic counter provides instant, cumulative and accurate recording of colony counts, phase and bacterial genetics. The counter is energized by a switch in the pen. This micro current is then amplified through a solid state circuit to operate the electromagnetic counter. It needs no warm-up, permits counting speeds of up to 12 counts per second without sputtering and eliminate drudgery and the change of error.

    This marking pen necessary for the counter permits accurate counting of growths in colonies in closed petri dishes. It is especially valuable when working the pathogens or when a contamination free culture is desired.

    The marking pen is replaceable and is commercially available. The ink used in the pens also available in variety of colours in the market if different markings are desired.

    The marking pen also be used in conjuction with the disposable membranes. The wet membranes could be fixed at the back of the petri dish for counting. After counting, the sheets can be indexed, dried and stored for reference

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